Gymnastics, Cheer & Dance


  • Two of our PTGT members made it on to the first ever Kentucky State Tumbling and Trampoline All-Star Team! Out of hundreds of athletes at the gymnastic meets we have attended this season, our students have placed in the top two rankings which qualified them to make the team.
  • We have a USTA National Coach and Member come to the gym to have a camp with our team to increase their knowledge of the sport and give them tips and pointers on their performance.
  • Our athletes have ranked consistently in the top 5 at every meet we have attended this season. There are approximately 200-500 athletes at each meet. 
  • Monthly tuition includes weekly gymnastics class and team practice.
  • The TCE PTGT builds your child's confidence and self-esteem while perfecting tumbling and trampoline skills.
  • Your child will build relationships and create memories to last a lifetime! The experience they, as well as their families, will receive is invaluable. 


Triple Crown Elite PTGT compete both at AAU and USTA competitions individually with floor passes, trampoline passes, and double mini passes. Their scores are based on technique and execution of their gymnastics skills. 

TCE Power Tumbling and gymnastics team

TCE Power Tumbling Gymnastics Team (PTGT) is composed of students who excel in the areas of tumbling, trampoline and double mini. They compete approximately once a month beginning in October and running through June. All of our athletes are ranked in the top 5 in the state, with two National Champions, on each apparatus at their level.